Book Train Collaborative Project

Book Train Project

The Book Train is a collaborative effort to promote literacy and share the joy of books with young children by putting new and gently used books in their hands regardless of economic, geographic or social condition. 

Books in Homes, USA’s mission is to support children in under-resourced communities in literacy and beyond.  They empower children with the crucial resources needed to inspire a passion for reading, embark on new journeys, and establish a foundation to academic and lifelong success. 

Mitzvah Circle mission is to fill resource gaps, to provide items not covered by government assistance.  After learning what families need to move ahead, Mitzvah Circle Foundation delivers and distributes  new and gently used books, clothing, shoes, diapers, period supplies, household goods, toiletries and more.

The way it works!

Last year the Book Train Collaborative gathered and delivered 966 books to children.

  • Jenkintown Kiwanis, Abington High School Key Club, and Abington Junior High Builders Club gather books with school and community partners who sponsored and ran book drops and book fairs. 
  • Books in Homes, USA provides new books through grants and book fairs.
  • Mitzvah Circle Foundation delivers the books in boxes given to each family.  Books are hand picked for a family depending upon the age and reading ability of the child. Books are also chosen to encourage and fostering an appreciation and love of reading.